You are already a Bahá’í when you believe…

That Bahá’u’lláh is the

Manifestation of God

for this day and age

We are each responsible for

independently recognizing

God’s spiritual truths.

We cannot rely on the

traditional beliefs of our

parents, teachers or clergy.

Science and religion, and faith

and reason are not in conflict.

They are just different ways

of investigating reality.

Women and men are equal.

We are created noble.

Our free will is the key

to developing our spiritual

potential. We develop through

service to God and humanity.World Peace is inevitable. It must be founded on justice supported by an International Federation that is dedicated to promoting unity and protecting diversity.Everyone is needed in the process of building a just andpeaceful world.We are spiritual beings who are shaped through our choices inthe tests of this life. After death, we continue to learn and progress as spiritual beings.This world is just one family. Prejudices of race and gender are unacceptable.God loves us all. Different Prophets have, and will always, come to mankind. Essentialtruth is one, but our perceptionof it is relative. Social laws change according to mankind'smaturity.

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Becoming a Bahá’í

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